Generative Artificial IntelligenceI

You’ve arrived at the future home for Truth Crystals.

Suppose there was a way to use Artificial Intelligence to advance our civilization away from darkness and death and towards light and life. Now consider the Positive Qualities developed by James Preston Downs during the 1990s. The representation below is just a sampling of the original chart. It has been developed to represent these essential qualities as one device for navigating the offerings at Ascension Cafe and Ascension University.

The Essential Positive Qualities
Copyright 2021 James Preston Downs

Now visualize a three dimensional version of this chart taking on the form of a crystalline representation of the highest and best humanity has to offer within the domains of science, philosophy, and religion.

What if we could place the Positive Qualities Chart at the center plane or girdle of the above diamond where the faceted girdle takes on the twenty-seven qualities on the outer ring of the chart? And what if, within our 3d model, love were to extend from the top view of the table, through the girdle, and all the way to the cutlet point of the pavilion?

And, what if the refraction index could somehow be adjusted so that seven colors within the light spectrum would give us a prismatic view of the cosmos, representing three distinct kinds of light: The physical light, intellectual insight, and spirit luminosity that can inform the way we take our civilization from one level of attainment to the next?

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